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European Motors Inc has a variety of financing options from low term to up to 84 months with rates as low as 2.99%* We have established great relationships over the years with many banks and credit unions and are able to pass on the relationship to you, the consumer. We have an extensive variety of the most reputable lenders in the county and have helped many consumers over the years from A+ Credit to subprime credit with people who experienced the following: Credit Defaults, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, ect. First Time buyers are welcome!

Fill out an application today and get approved! Our website is completely secure with your privacy in mind. Your application will be sent directly to our Finance Department where one of our trusted Finance Managers will review the information and contact you as soon as possible.

*Qualified Customers Only
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Terms : I certify that the above information on this application for credit and any attachments I may send regarding this application are accurate and complete. I authorize and instruct any person or consumer reporting agency to compile and furnish any information it may have that may be required for the purpose of a credit transaction and agree same information shall remain your property whether or not credit is extended. I authorize you to obtain information from others concerning my credit standing and other relevant information impacting on this application and to provide others with information about your experience with me. I understand that I must update this credit information at your request and if this credit information changes.
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